What is WIGS?

Women and Identity in Gaming Symposium (WIGS) is an event of discussion, panels, and other events about the vast topics relating to gender and identity in gaming. Whether it's video games, board games, card games, or tabletop games; the issues of gender and identity touch every inch of the gaming community. WIGS is an opportunity to get informed about these issues, and to become inspired to make positive changes- one person at a time! Regardless of a person’s identity, background, or experience, anyone can attend our symposium.

When and Where is WIGS?

WIGS will be held on April 26, 2015, at Lawrence University, a small liberal arts college in Appleton, Wisconsin, in the Warch Campus Center. Go to the Schedule for more information of events! Directions and maps are listed below:

Lawrence University Campus Map

Lawrence University on Google Maps